Who We Are

The Jamaica Hills Association is a neighborhood organization founded in 1940 by concerned residents of that part of Jamaica Plain known as Jamaica Hills. The residential character of the neighborhood and the basic quality of life issues any residential neighborhood is concerned with are ours as well. We have a number of well-known institutions in our neighborhood and enjoy a good working relationship with them. Our board is made up of volunteers who give generously of their time and talents to serve our neighbors.

We are a fairly fluid organization and over the years have sponsored a number of child- and adult-related events and activities depending on the level of interest and availability of interested volunteers. Field days, ski trips, and socials are some examples of activities the association encourages. Like any neighborhood association, we rely on the interest and willing participation of our residents to flourish.

This is our seventy sixth year and we look forward to a healthy future as a prospering and caring neighborhood. We welcome all new neighbors to join our general membership, and we invite anyone interested in serving on our board to contact any board member. We actively seek people interested in joining our board each year so that we may continue to serve our neighbors.


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