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Group Activities

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– book club
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– gardening club
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Want to post or learn about volunteer opportunities in our community?

Use this forum to reach out to neighbors who share your interests. Organize your get-togethers through our Events Calendar.

Advocate Forum

The JHA wants to hear your concerns and suggestions.

Email the JHA at


To ensure a quicker response time, your email will be sent directly to Board members. Look for the Advocate’s replies to issues that affect the community at-large in this forum.

Goal of the JHA Forums

Welcome, Neighbors! The goal of the JHA Forums is to facilitate social interaction, connect residents through common interests, and strengthen community bonds. Please note that the Forums feature is being offered on a TRIAL BASIS. We ask participants to maintain courtesy at all times to promote the Forums’ goal of community building through socializing.

The JHA understands that maintaining positive community relations often means debating controversial neighborhood issues. However, we ask that you address these concerns by attending the JHA monthly meetings or by contacting the JHA directly: advocate@jamaicahills.org.

Help make our forums a welcoming and friendly environment. If this feature is successful, we look forward to adding more topic forums to reflect participants’ interests.


To ensure a courteous and trusted environment for our users, the following conditions apply.

1. Refrain from writing negative comments about anyone. Avoid describing individuals by name, address, or physical appearance. Remember that you are responsible for your comments—not the JHA.

2. For users’ protection:

  • All forums are password protected and moderated.
  • Offensive or irrelevant posts will be removed as they are discovered or we are alerted.
  • Access is granted to Jamaica Hills residents only.

3. To participate, users must:

  • Register and agree to the Forum Rules/Disclaimer.
  • Provide their first and last names as a user name.
  • Be 18 years old or older.

Contact Us: To contact the forum administrators, email us at website@jamaicahills.org. To report a bad post, click on the triangle icon next to the post.

Privacy Statement: Your address and phone number are required during registration for residency verification only. This information is not made public or shared with other forum participants other than the JHA forum administrators.

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