Arborway Master Plan
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Reminder: Drive Cautiously, Especially on Side Streets
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Arborway Master Plan


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The Arborway Master Plan is an integrated planning process designed to restore the Arborway as an unbroken, shared-use parkway connection between Jamaica Pond, the Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park. In order to accomplish this, the Arborway Master Plan will protect and enhance the historic character of this Olmsted parkway, improve the space’s pedestrian and bicycle features, and enable safe and appropriate mobility for automobiles. The Rizzo Associates Team has identified the key issues and opportunities for landscape and transportation improvements, evaluated various improvement alternatives for the Arborway, and developed a Preferred Alternative for the Arborway.

DCR periodically schedules public meetings for resident participation.

JULY 24, 2007 UPDATE: Four Proposed Alternative Plans * PLEASE REVIEW

In response to suggestions from the community, a revision to the draft of the Arborway Master Plan has been proposed. The draft by Rizzo Associates was devised to improve traffic flow and create safer access to cyclists and pedestrians. The proposed revision includes four alternative plans (A, B, C, and D) that specifically focus on improved local access; each alternative is considered in the Traffic Analysis Report prepared by Stantec Consulting. The report concludes by recommending Option D. DCR is requesting comments from area residents. Review the Traffic Analysis Report and send your comments to

BPD E-13 Traffic and Parking Committee (TPC)

Officer Mike Santry formed this committee to unite a cross-section of community members to strategically address traffic, parking, bicycling and pedestrian safety. The monthly meetings include police, a Boston Transportation Department representative, elected officials, business associations, occasional MBTA official visits and dozens of residents. TPC meets the third Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. at the E-13 Police Station, 3345 Washington St. For more information, call 343-5634.

Several JHA residents concerned about Pond Street and Centre Street traffic, including Dottie Farrell (member of the JHA Board and its Traffic and Safety Committee), attend these worthwhile and productive monthly meetings.

Drive Cautiously, Especially on Side Streets

Speeding and traffic accidents on high-volume streets like Pond and Centre Streets and the Arborway is a long-standing problem that the JHA Traffic Committee in collaboration with concerned neighbors and Boston Police Officer Mike Santry tirelessly monitor. But, neighbors, we all need to be reminded to do our part and reduce speed to below 20 miles an hour on side streets.

The JHA Advocate has received reports of dangerous speeding while children are playing in front of their homes. The police can’t be everywhere to apprehend speeders, but the risk that someone could get injured should compel us to act responsibly. Let’s all look out for one another, especially when we’re driving.

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