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We thank BPD District E13 and Neighborhood Crimewatch for providing citizens with valuable public information resources to keep our neighborhoods safer.

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District E13 Police Alerts

Crime alerts provided by District E13 and

District E13 Police Reports

Weekly E13 police reports, courtesy of the, Community Service Officers, and BPD Media Relations.

How To Call the Police

Download this convenient sheet of important BPD phone numbers and safety guide and keep it handy.

Instructions from the BPD for Making an Emergency Call

For any emergency – defined as you need a police car to come – immediately call:

9-1-1 (From a landline)
617-343-4911 (From a cell phone)

Note: 9-1-1 calls from a cell phone go to the State Police. When they answer you should ask to be transferred to the Boston Police. Put the 617-343-4911 number on speed-dial on your cell phone to reach the BPD directly.

Call the above numbers to report suspicious activity not people. Remember, it is what is happening that indicates possible illegal or criminal activity, not what people look like.

Emergencies include something as relatively minor as your driveway blocked, a fire hydrant blocked, or a loud party to something as major as a fight with weapons, someone breaking into a house or a car, or gunshots.

When you call it is important to describe what is happening in simple, direct terms. Do not use “I think,” “maybe,” or other nonspecific terms. Do give as detailed a description as possible of people and cars. Be sure to mention the direction of travel of those leaving the scene. Remember to remain calm.

Monthly Community Meetings

These meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 P.M. at the District E13 Community Room located at 3345 Washington Street. For more information, call 617-343-5624.

Safety Tips

Keeping Your Home Safe from Break-Ins
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